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Help Guide

How to install the self adhesive wallpaper

Before installing, you should prepare the needed tools:

After preparing the tools, please follow our steps to install the self adhesive pvc wallpaper on your wall:

  1. Measure square footage.

    Use the ape measure to get the square footage of the wall you need to paste.

  2. Prepare walls

    You should make the wall in a smooth, clear, and dry surface.

  3. Measure & mark center line

  4. Cut the wallpaper according to the measure size

    For the second piece, you should move the wallpaper to make the design match.

  5. Peel backing and hang from top

    You can cover the wallpaper to hit the ceiling first.

    Drop down the wallpaper. Remove the back liner paper slowly and part by part. And stick it carefully on the wall.

  6. Using the Squeegee to remove air bubbles.

    It should go from the middle to the edge side.

  7. Trim excess paper with the blade and Metal straight edge

    After the above steps, you can paste yout wall with the self adhesive pvc wallpaper well.

This kind of installing needs about 3 hours. And it is a very easy job. Do it by yourselves soon.