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Digital Printing Film - Information And Helpful Tips

While when it comes to quality, offset printing is still the standard, digital printing has really leveled the playing field in the business world. No longer is it necessary to spend large amounts of money in setup fees and test prints in order to get reasonable quality. With the advancement in printing technology as well as the mediums that are printed on, such as the premium digital films offered on our website, any business or individual can completely take advantage of the full spectrum of printing that was only exclusive to large corporations. Read on for some information about the advantages of digital printing plus application tips using special adhesive films.

High Value

Digital Printing Film

When directly comparing two prints next to each other that was done through digital means or offset, only a trained eye can really discern the differences. Knowing this, one can wholeheartedly embrace the affordability of digital printing without feeling like they are compromising quality in any way. The high value of what this has done has forced manufacturers to improve their material on which this type of printing will be applied on to take advantage and produce the best possible outcome for a consumer.

Multiple Applications

Digital printing is used in a wide variety of applications. Since you're on this website reading more details, the particular use of digital printing is to apply on some sort of film. Our speciality is self adhesive vinyl film which can be used in wallpapers as well as vinyl that is applied in more commercial applications such as for advertising or simply for show, such as in automotive vinyl graphics. Be aware that large format digital printing is not the only use of this anymore.

Digital photo printing is more for personal consumption and on more traditional media like paper. The same types of features such as matte, glossy or transparent are also options for vinyl so one is only limited by their imagination in how to apply this technology to it's maximum effect! Screen printing film is more suited for professionals but since it's affordable, more consumers are also using it. No longer is it necessary for printing film positives or negatives prior to starting the job. Simply glancing at a computer screen will give you the information you need.

So okay, we think you understand the benefits of digital printing and when combined with quality printing materials, the outcome can be truly amazing. If you're a designer who is researching why you might want to use our products or just looking for tips on making sure the digital process is done correctly, we'll be happy to walk you through that if you contact us. Here are some quick tips that might help:

Keep the room that printing is done clean as possible. Wear gloves when handling the material you want to print on to avoid any oils from contaminating the surface. Any dust that sits on it will also effect the final product so basically keeping everything clean and free of dirt and oil will get you the best results.

Depending on the printing ink you use will determine the best temperature for application. Certain substrates require controlled applications. Make sure to refer to that documentation or speak to the ink experts while talking to print medium specialists like us to guarantee a premium outcome. Do this wrong and expect unwanted spreading of ink throughout the piece. No one wants ink bleeding! By finely paying attention to this, you can insure optimum results.

Once the printing is done, give it enough time to dry. Too often is a perfect print ruined by being too eager. Environmental conditions effect the drying time to be very specific when talking to us and the ink specialists so the right information is conveyed and applied.

We have only scratched the surface here about the full value of digital printing technology but you can see references here and here to learn more. Be sure to ask us about our affordable printing films which work perfectly with digital applications.


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