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Solid Color Wallpaper Options For Walls

Are you the fickle type? Maybe choosing that paint for your living room is a harder decision than you'd thought. Add in all the preparation work necessary to do a decent paint job and it's no wonder making a choice you can live with is taking longer than usual. It doesn't have to be that way since options such as solid color wallpaper for your home or office is a great alternative. Once you know more of the advantages of modern colored wallpaper, the choice might even be more obvious.

Multiple Color Variations

Solid Color Wallpaper For Walls

So one of the major reasons you're even reading this is because you may not have been aware of solid colors being an option with wallpapers. Typical wallpaper designs found at local home improvement stores such as Lowe's, Home Depot, etc., involve more patterns. This is normal since the demand for stylish wallpaper is always high. Especially the self adhesive wallpaper variety that is available today, which allows for many options we'll discuss more below.

Just know that if you're dealing with a wallpaper manufacturer or supplier, the options you have are infinitely much more. Take solid color wallpaper. With almost any type of color you can imagine, as well as even textures, you are only limited by your imagination. From matte to glossy, you really can have your pick.

Highly Durable Wallpaper

Applying wallpaper will actually strengthen the wall you put it on. Meaning, if something were to fall on your wall, the wallpaper material will actually protect the surface from being damaged as well as prevent things from puncturing the wall. Add to the fact that stains can be easily wiped off and one can see the immediate benefits of this. For those who have children, the possibilities of them writing on the wall are pretty high. In these circumstances, the use of quality wallpaper will save you from having to constantly re-paint the wall surface. Many good wallpapers just need to be wiped with a damp cloth to be good as new.

Easy To Remove

The best part about wallpaper and the new adhesive's today is the fact that the wallpaper can be easily removed. The old wallpaper paste has gone with the times and replaced with advanced adhesives, which stick to the wall, but are not difficult to remove when the time is right. This again means you are not stuck with a choice you do not want. Simply dampen the wallpaper with the appropriate removing fluid and switch the wallpaper with another solid color of your choice.

Very Affordable

Wallpaper, especially the ones which involve intricate patterns, can get a bit expensive. That being said, simpler designs and those which are of a single color are much more affordable. When compared to similarly hued paints, wallpaper usually wins out. This is more true with the higher end paint colors, which can be emulated by a good wallpaper manufacturing company. So knowing this, as well as reading the advantages mentioned above, one should definitely think of using wallpaper on their walls instead of the standard painting route that many interior designers might recommend. You are not even limited by that, since you can purchase wallpaper you can color, as well as paintable wallpaper to reap the benefits of everything!

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