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Self Adhesive Wallpaper - The Clear Advantages

Unless you are a professional artist, the application of paint cannot usually compare to the aesthetic pleasantness of wallpaper. Higher end varieties simply cannot be matched but even the more affordable choices still have the upper hand in comparison to even the fancier house paint that is available in the market. That being said, we at Real Sun do still get many questions regarding what are the advantages of using wallpaper versus just painting. As experts in self adhesive materials, we pride ourselves in combining this skill with products such as self adhesive wallpapers to offer options that normally one wouldn't consider because of prices being too prohibitive. Cost is not the issue as our wallpaper selection in general is significantly cheaper than others in the marketplace but also higher quality. Being a wallpaper manufacturer also allows us to help you create original designs without breaking the bank or having to be adept in interior design. Our product is simple and that's what should be most important to you as the customer.

Wallpaper Versus Paint

For now though, we'll throw our bias aside and present to you various points about the pros and cons to each type of product so you can make an informed decision. Let's begin with application.

Paint - Depending on if the surface is damaged or brand new will determine the preparation one needs to paint the surface. If there is minor damage, one can spackle the effected area and painting can be started as soon as 24 hours later. If the surface is dark, putting on a primer will make the whole process easier.

Wallpaper - If there is previous wallpaper that needs to be removed, the process is certainly more difficult than simply painting so clearly the advantage is obvious. One still has to remove the wallpaper though and an expert is preferable in this situation. If you are so inclined, with the proper tools, it can be done. Reference the tips from HGTV about the process here. Also watch this helpful video about stripping wallpaper:

Applying wallpaper can involve paste, which can be another hassle. That's where our self adhesive wallpaper collection practically eliminates that issue. With our adhesive formula, one can be sure the wallpaper will stay affixed for many years without incident.

Selection And Durability

Paint comes in a varying levels of gloss and sheen, with colors being invented every day. Wallpaper offers the choice of more complex patterns and again the option when working directly with a supplier like us, to completely create something unique. Because adhesive is involved, moist areas like the bathroom or kitchen do put wallpaper at a disadvantage but other than that, the advantages of creating a unique look far outweigh this point. Tiles and paint are probably best for the restroom but everywhere else will be made more beautiful with the right wallpaper design.

Wallpaper also can actually protect the wall surface in the incident of some type of accident. If something bumps against the wall, paint will give in to the object and probably allow it to pierce the surface if the force is strong enough. Compared that to wallpaper, which actually reinforces the wall and prevents many things like this from happening.

When it comes to longevity, in home applications, wallpaper clearly has a huge advantage. With minimal care of washing it every 4 or 5 years, good wallpaper can easily last 12 to 15 years. Compare this to paint which needs a new coat every 3 or 4 years and the difference is pretty obvious.

As you can see, we've only listed a few differences between paint and wall coverings. The various types of wallpaper finishes that are available should be enough reason for one to consider wallpaper as an obvious choice. Once you see all the applications of self adhesive products that we offer, you won't remember any excuse why you've waited so long to start!

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